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What to have at Home after giving Birth

What to have at Home after giving Birth

Printable and Pin-able Checklist of What to have at Home after giving Birth. Plan now and it’ll be a much smoother transition bringing your new baby home.

____ Bottom Care

The extra long, super-sized “overnight” pads, Stool softener, Witch hazel pads and all-black cotton panties. Stretchy, dark & comfy yoga pants. Anesthetic Spray, sitz bath, squirt bottle, and bum cream for hemorrhoids.


____ House Care

You need to eat and you need to have clean clothes. I recommend paper plates for a few days. It’s so nice to not have to do dishes. If you don’t have any help, try not to stress out. Enjoy your new baby, the cleaning will still be there tomorrow.


____ Body Care

OTC Pain reliever, a portable fan, bottled waters spread around the house, comfy outfits and (fill in the blanks) _______________________________________________________________________




____ Tummy Care

Start preparing frozen meals now. You can find shopping/meal planning lists online specifically freezer friendly. Or, start saving money now to order out, a lot.


____ Heart Care

A phone list to call your mom friends. They can encourage you, answer any Qs you might have and help you not to feel alone. They understand, and they want to help!


____ Family Care

Have a new, special “after baby” activity. A talk, puzzle, snuggle, book, just 15min a day of interrupted time with each member of your family is so beneficial.


____ Boob Care

Nursing bras, breast pads, lanolin, breast pump and milk storage bags, nursing tanks, frozen washcloths and a basket of snacks for hungry breastfeeding moms



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