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Home Birth Supply List (other than the basics)

So you’re having a home birth, yay!

Your midwife will give you a nice home birth supply list print out, but over the years, I’ve noticed there are some unlisted, non-traditional items that have been handy.

In conjunction with this Home Birth Supply List, definitely check out these posts as they are applicable as well. You will see 1-2 repeated items, but the rest should definitely be added to your home birth list such as bobby pins, tinted chap stick, etc! Although it mentions photography, it is just as helpful if you choose not to hire a professional birth photographer.

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 As with all my lists, checklists and tips, these are meant to aid you, not overwhelm you! These are ideas, don’t feel like you have to follow any or all of them. You will find what’s best for your family.


____ Food & drinks for everyone

Now, don’t freak out! No, I’m not saying you have to feed an Army! The best home births I’ve attended were ones where everyone was full and hydrated. It’s a similar concept of why airlines have you put the oxygen mask on yourself before trying to put it on somebody else. Food to energize your birth team keeps everybody clear-minded and healthy so that we can more properly care for you! Individual drink packets, waters, fruit bowl, & a box of various snacks set out on your table are great. Lunch meat, chicken, pot of soup, pizza, etc. are even better. If you choose not to have food, at some point, people will have to leave to go get food and laboring moms aren’t always comfortable with anybody from the birth team leaving. Is there somebody else that can be in charge of food prep/pick up? A parent or in-law perhaps?


____ Hospitable Comfort

Blankets and pillows set out and set aside should somebody need to rest. Have more than you think you need. I have seen many births where somebody is in the corner curled up in a ball so that their coat can be a blanket. Maybe purchase some from a thrift store and wash it when you get home? Toliet paper, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer & clean toliets go a long way for your team. The blankets can double as photo back drops, floor coverings, & picnic blankets as baby gets older!


____ Large bowls, pots and pitchers

Set them out on the counter in your kitchen. Bowls are for ice water/washcloths and your placenta. Pots for boiling water, pitchers for removing the old water in your pool.


____ A plastic tote for laundry (no holes)

Birth can be messy and MANY towels needed. When a towel is soiled, we need a place to put them or we have to walk across the house (dripping) to the laundy room.


____ Hard peppermint candy

This is listed on many of my lists! Why? Because I constantly hear a laboring woman complain about her husband’s breath. Her smell is super sensitive and because her hubby has been by her side, he hasn’t brushed his teeth in 24+ hours… it happens! The mints can help with nausea, deep breathing, and perk you up when tired. The other bonus is it freshen everyone’s breath when we’ve been up all night.



____ MANY Dark towels and cloths (can they be thrown away?)

Most births I go to… there is a moment when we need MORE towels. The mom often has a sad look on her face as we go to grab her “nice” towels. Plan accordingly, especially if your “nice” towels are no longer available at TJMaxx.


____ Birth Pool Care

Birthing pools can be red in color after birth, an herbal bath mix can turn the pool a lovely brown (check with your medical care provider for more information). Also, a fish net for your doula to “fish out” any tissue, etc from your birthing pool.


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