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Important Questions to ask your Dr or Midwife When You’re Pregnant

Planning a natural childbirth? Make sure that your Dr/midwife is on board with your natural minded decisions. I get contacted a lot each month from moms planning a natural childbirth and are interested in me as their doula.

I give them a list of questions to ask their provider and over and over they come back to me to tell me that they don’t like their Dr/Midwife’s answer(s).

Here’s a checklist of important questions to ask your dr when you’re pregnant. It’s as important as hiring a doula and attending a childbirth class.

____ Can I eat/drink during labor to keep my energy up? Do you require an IV if I’m drinking enough fluids?

Here‘s some recent research on eating during labor.


____ How long can my water be broken before a C-section?

You can follow up with more questions like, “If you’re concerned about infection, can’t I just receive antibiotics?” or “Why do other hospitals and/or practices allow a woman’s membranes to be released for longer than 24 hrs?”


____ Do you require continuous fetal monitoring? How often is intermittent monitoring?

How do you feel about being hooked up to the monitor? It drives some women crazy, but some don’t mind it.


____ Do you provide water births?

Currently in GA, there are only 2 hospitals who provide water birth. North Fulton and Atlanta Medical Center.


____ How long will you wait to cut the cord? More than 15 min?

Waiting to cut the cord until is stops pulsating is becoming more and more popular. Some Drs agree to wait, but how long are they willing to wait? What if it takes 30 minutes?


____ How quickly do you require I dilate? 1 cm /hr? 3 cm/hr? What if I don’t meet those requirements?


____ Do you (or main OB) perform family-center C-sections?

About family centered C-sections. Is the Doula allowed in the OR? Is my birth photographer allowed in the OR? Here is some science behind family centered C-sections.

____ What are your thoughts on doulas?

Doulas are known to support natural childbirth. Are they against doulas? Why or why not?


____ Do you perform episiotomies? How often?

Some science behind the lack of necessity for an episiotomy under normal circumstances here.



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